Content created with the right search engine optimization elements

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

All content is based on in-depth keyword research to establish what phrases, questions, and intent statements your audience are using to find what they’re looking for.

SEO Patterns in Content

There is a definite pattern to the use and placement of keywords, phrases, and statements within a content piece that delivers the best SEO results.

On-page SEO

Each item of content should provide the best and most relevant answers to a searcher’s questions and meet the Google quality guidelines.

Off-page SEO

The holy grail of SEO is building authority. In large part, this is done by link building. Links are still a crucial component to developing strong organic rankings

Even the most perfect content is useless if it never gets found and seen

Google’s mission is to organize all the information online and present it so that the “best” information is at the top of the search results. Our search engine optimization (SEO) services ensure that every item of content gets found online.

Search Engine Optimization increases your content’s visibility

Just like that old question about a tree falling in the forest, if content never gets seen, was it worth the effort? You invest time and energy in creating beautiful visual material and brilliant content, but without search engine optimization it may never be seen or read. Most people use search engines to find information today. The content on your website, blog, newsroom, and social media accounts must be visible in the search engines to deliver results to your bottom line. Google and other search engines use a very complicated algorithm to rank content. Understanding these algorithms and preparing content to meet these factors means Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires a particular set of skills. Google has said that the two most important factors in search engine visibility are quality content and the number of inbound links from other relevant websites. There are, of course, many other factors - both on the page and off-page.  But without those two, you’re starting with a serious disadvantage. As early as 2000, usability expert Jakob Nielsen identified content as the number one reason someone visited a website. Other studies show that if the website lacks good content, it simply ends up in oblivion due to the Search Engine algorithms preference for great content. So, if quality content is the foundation of SEO and online visibility, how can you create quality content?

Google's Quality Guidelines

Every page on your website, blog post, or article in your newsroom should be evaluated against this list. Look at the top 10 results for keywords you would like to rank well for and see what kind of content they have. Several studies have shown that well-written, in depth content gets the top few spots in Google. If you don’t have writers, editors and visual creators who can produce this kind of content, make sure you have a line item in your marketing budget for great quality content. Then hire someone who understands keyword research and the rules of SEO to make that content visible online.

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