We help repair and secure your most valuable public-facing reputation — your online presence.

Reputation Management


Online reputation risk is a danger to any individual or business, and negative search results can impact your bottom line. We can help repair that by cleaning up your search results and restoring your good name.

Search Results

Google Page One is your most valuable reputation resume online. When someone searches your name, what will they find? Is it reflective of who you are and what you do? We can make sure it does.

Thought Leadership

By building executive thought leadership through a series of blogs, and online articles in reputable digital publications, we can increase your visibility in a positive light, as well as creating a protective digital firewall around your online reputation.


Once we’ve created a wealth of online assets portraying you or your business in a positive light, we support those properties with SEO strategies and linking so that positive sentiment rises up the search rankings, pushing any negative sentiment down and off Page One.

Your reputation is everything.

Your brand reputation is one of the most valuable assets you own.  It takes years to build a solid reputation, but in today’s fast paced, wired world it can be damaged by just one negative post or video. Reputation management has always been a core PR function.  Now that the ease of publishing comments and reviews online has made the protection of the brand image one of the top risk factors for a company, it should be top of the list of the PR concerns for any organization.

Some Statistics

Be Prepared

Even if you have not had any negative content posted about your brand, it can happen at any time.  85% of in-house lawyers in the US and UK say that social media has greatly increased the potential for a minor problem to turn into a major crisis. If you are prepared and you have enough positive content and support from your online community, it will be much easier to weather the storm.

Fixing a Reputation Management Problem

Once the problem exists it takes a full-court press to clean the pages of negative content.  This requires a team of talented content creators and SEO specialists who have a deep understanding of Google’s algorithms. Our team stays current with all Google search and news search changes. If the problem is severe – say 5 or 6 negative listings on page one and two – it could take 6 months or more to clean the page. Because reputation management work is so labor-intensive, it can also be costly.  But the cost of not fixing it is far greater. Our basic philosophy and approach to cleaning up a Reputation Management issue is to flood the area with positive, truthful content and the negative content will drown. It is also possible to have things removed from the internet, and we utilize this tactic in certain circumstances.

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