A specialized PR and media program to get consistent visibility for your executives and position them as thought leaders in their field.

Executive Thought Leadership

Personal Brand

Every executive today should be working on their personal brand. How your public sees your executives strongly affects how they see your brand.

Thought Leadership Strategy

Not every executive has the writing skill, the time, or frankly the inclination to write content consistently. Our program puts their original ideas into valuable content that attracts interest and builds trust.

Building Influence

Leveraging over 700 international media, news, and industry-niche outlets, ELB positions you as a global influencer and thought leader across leading publications through authorship. And, we do it all for you.


By building executive thought leadership through a series of blogs, and online articles in reputable digital publications, we can increase your visibility and position you in a positive light, as well as create a protective digital firewall around your online reputation.

Become an Executive Influencer & spearhead vital thought leadership.

Thought leadership is a position as a source of cutting-edge information and expertise. Executive Leadership Branding is intended to secure ongoing contributor and/or columnist spots at relevant top tier publication(s) as well as periodic guest posts, which will be shown and prioritized in organic search results.

Become a Published Author

We will need 30-60 minutes of your time to establish and identify your executive persona, virtues, and style which will be preserved when ghostwriting your articles. Once this is done, you will select from a list of 30-50 media publications (mainstream and niche) which you would like to contribute on. To build trust with editors, we then produce content in your name which is rich, timely and in alignment with the publications’ audience. Trust is the cornerstone to acceptance into leading news and magazine platforms. We curate all content for our clients. This is crucial as every publication and news outlet has publication guidelines which must be strictly followed. Every publication goes through you or your internal team for QA. Nothing is published without your stamp of approval. If you'd like to write some yourself, any article submissions from you are encouraged. Each will go through our own editorial review to ensure they fit the platform’s requirements before being submitted to Editors.

Control Your Image

Major news outlets and media publications have the highest rapport with Google. This translates to each of your authorship columns becoming the highest ranking assets when searching your name. The list of tier-1 media locations is customized per executive at the onset of the program. Each desired publication will need to have voice power within your industry. Financial, Healthcare, Technology, Political, Social, Economics, Industrial, Energy, Agriculture and Entertainment all have their speciality publications or columns within mainstream media.

Ready to get published?

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