We take your message and craft your story in words that get results.

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Articles & Press Releases

One of the most important factors in attracting attention is high-quality original writing.

Social Media

Every post on Social Media carries a message. Your message should be consistent and clear.


Blogging is still one of the most effective ways of getting your story and your message to the public.


Not everyone is a wordsmith. We take their brilliant ideas and transform them into excellent original content.

Telling your story in compelling words.

Every word counts when telling your brand story. We can help you and your team make your audience hear, feel, and see your brand. According to a recent survey by SODA, the Society of Digital Agencies, the number one digital talent in demand right now is writing. Posting regular, quality content to your website, blog, and social media accounts is a critical factor in your PR and marketing success today.

"The writing is concise and compelling. It tells our story and has gained attention for our campaigns."

Content Writing is now a Marketing Must

It connects you with your audiences, positions you as a thought leader, and increases your search engine rankings. Study after study proves that the right content is filling the sales funnel with qualified, interested prospects.  The challenge is writing content that gets results. Posting fresh, quality content that cuts through the flood of content being posted every day is essential. You need content that will engage your audience and get them to take action. That a team of talented, creative writers.  We have that team.  The Meritus Media content writing team has been producing engaging, effective web content for 15 years. We know what works and how to write it.  Our content has helped clients win awards for their campaigns. We never outsource our writing to non-English speakers.  All our content writers are well-educated, first-language English speakers.  Many of them were trained in public relations and journalism. Our team is trained and supervised by Sally Falkow, author of SMART News: how to create branded content that gets found in search and shared on social media We stay current with all content trends in both search engine optimization and social media, so that our content writing for articles, blog posts, press releases, and web pages are engaging and compliant with Google’s latest algorithm updates. 

Brand Journalism

For decades companies have had to rely on the media to get their stories out to the public. Now you can create your own stories and publish your own media.  Brand journalism goes beyond your blog an social account – it encompasses guest articles and contributor bylines in relevant media. Most PR and marketing people are too busy to produce all the content needed for social media and brand journalism. CMOs and PR managers cite lack of resources as the number one challenge in content production. Our team of affordable, professional writers, who understand SEO and social media, can assist you with these tasks and get your stories out online. If you need content for a new website, landing pages for a campaign, or just on-going excellent content for a blog, give us a call.   Our team is ready to work with you.  Our in-house editors make sure that the content is error-free and delivered on time.

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