An essential PR and Marketing skill

Audience Analysis & Tracking


Understanding your audience is the first step. Who are they and what do they do online?


Discover who and what your audience follows. Who influences them.


A good analysis system can give you nugget of fold that can inform your strategy.


Armed with excellent and intelligent data you can craft a successful PR and/or marketing strategy that gets results.

Uncover powerful insights with audience research.

There are endless avenues you can explore with good audience analysis and tracking — Who is your best audience? Where do they go online? Who do they follow? Which hashtags do they follow and use? Should you be posting on YouTube or pitching journalists on Business Insider? These insights can make all the difference to your PR and Marketing strategy.

Why audience analysis is the key to intelligent marketing and PR.

Up till a few years ago, the way your customers and potential new clients found information online was largely search engine focused. And that led to investment in Search Engine Optimization and keywords. That is no longer the case. Although most people do start with a Google search, there are now many other avenues they visit for news and information. If you concentrate only on keywords and Google search, you're reaching only 42 percent of your audience. If you put most of your eggs in the news and media basket, there is another 80 percent you could be reaching through other avenues. You must understand your customers, and know where they are looking if you want to increase brand awareness, affinity and trust,

The Value of Audience Research, Analysis, and Tracking

In today's digital age, where information flows freely and consumer choices are abundant, understanding your audience is paramount for success. Effective audience research, analysis, and tracking are essential components of any thriving business strategy. Let's delve into the reasons why these practices are crucial.

Competitive Advantage

In a fiercely competitive landscape, audience research can give you a significant edge. By uncovering what makes your audience tick and identifying gaps in the market, you can position your brand uniquely and offer solutions that address unmet needs.


Demographics, such as age, gender, location, and income, provide a foundational understanding of your audience. It helps you segment your market and create tailored messaging that resonates with specific groups, leading to more effective marketing campaigns.


Understanding the psychographics of your audience goes deeper, exploring their values, interests, lifestyles, and motivations. This information helps you connect with your audience on a personal level, creating emotional connections that can drive brand loyalty.

Creating a Customer Persona

One of the tangible outcomes of audience research is the creation of customer personas. These fictional representations of your ideal customers encapsulate the demographic and psychographic data you've gathered. Personas humanize your audience, making it easier to craft content and strategies that directly speak to their needs and desires.

Crafting a Better Strategy

Armed with a deep understanding of your audience, who they are, what they talk about, and where they go for information, you can craft a more effective and efficient strategy. Your messaging becomes more targeted, your product development more focused, and your marketing efforts more precise. This not only saves resources but also leads to higher conversion rates and better customer retention. Audience research, analysis, and tracking are vital in today's business landscape. They are essential tools that can help you stay competitive, understand your customers, and ultimately craft strategies that drive success. Embrace these practices, and watch your business thrive in a world where the audience holds the key to your success. If you need help with audience analysis and tracking contact us today!

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