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What We Can Do For Your Business

We connect you to your ideal audiences and create high-quality content that gets found in search and shared on social media.

We raise your visibility and position you as leaders in your field. When your brand and your executives are perceived as thought leaders, amazing things can happen.

Meritus Media is an excellent choice for helping your business. They are professional, but more importantly – they genuinely care about their clients. They provide exceptional service and are fast! I would recommend Meritus Media for any business looking for a result-oriented digital PR company.
Meritus Media has a depth of experience in the PR and social media world, which is not easy to navigate. I would trust them to help anyone.
We were referred to Meritus Media to help us with a serious reputation management problem. They were very knowledgeable and handled the problem expertly. Situations like these are not a quick fix but it was well worth the investment. 10 years later we still use them as our social media and digital marketing agency.
David Lerner Associates
Starting from scratch, Meritus Media put our digital PR and social media on the map.
Lucy’s Cookies
The audit of our social media content, and the subsequent training for our PR team, has raised our skills and led to much more effective social media campaigns.
Time Warner Cable
The Facebook campaign has garnered more than 16,000 engaged followers in 18 months. The boost in brand awareness has been significant.
Ulan Nutritional systems
After trying several agencies and in-house strategies, we’re now using Meritus Media for our social content and advertising. They get results.

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