Vine – The Next Big Thing?

fast_movers_april_2013-1Marketers are always on the lookout for that ‘next big thing’ online. Keep your eye on Vine, Twitter’s short video service. Compete.com reports that Vine leaped onto their ‘Fast Mover’ list and hit #2 for April, with more than 2 million visitors.

What is Vine?

Vine is essentially a combination of a video-based Instagram and Twitter. Users make 6-second videos and share them with friends. And while 2 million visitors might not seem like anything to get excited about, bear in mind that this is only web traffic. Most Vine users access the content via mobile and it’s one of the most downloaded apps on the iPhone.

Tips for making great brand Vine videos:

Making a video with Vine is easy – just touch the screen to capture a segment and let go to stop.  Making a great Vine video that’s right for the brand and engages your audience – that takes skill.

See what Lowe’s has done with How-to Vines

There are many more ways to use Vine for business –

  1. Show off your product
  2. Educate your customers
  3. Tell a piece of the brand’s  history
  4. Showcase brand ambassadors
  5. Invite people to attend an event
  6. Sneak peeks at new releases

Initially brand’s did not pay much attention to Vine, even when Twitter bought it. But now that it is attracting so many users, it’s time to think again.


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