The Growing Demand for Digital Skills


Did you know that the growth in digital jobs has outpaced the overall economy in the last two years by over four to one?   A recent study by Lloyd’s Bank found that SMBs with a higher degree of digital ability were more than a third more likely to report a growth in turnover than those lacking these skills. And it’s 4X for charities and non -profits.

The impact of these digital technologies and tools is felt not just in the IT department, reports CapGemini. These skills are needed across the organization. Employees must now refresh their skills more frequently if they wish to stay relevant in this rapidly changing digital environment.

One area that has been transformed by the rapidly changing technology is PR/Communications and marketing. Mastering digital skills will pay off and it could give you the edge needed in your career..

77 percent of the companies surveyed for the CapGemini report consider the lack of digital skills the key hurdle to their digital transformation, but only 46% are investing in training their employees on digital skills.  So many people who are not digital natives are making this a personal priority.

These 15 Digital Skills are needed to plan and implement PR an marketing campaigns today.. http://bit.ly/2dPG5lS (There is a free email course available)