The Digital PR Agency

Thirteen years ago when I urged PR agencies to start learning digital skills I ran into a hefty dose of skepticism. Seven years ago when we launched Social Media Club very few PR agencies were interested.  Even three years ago it was a hard sell.  Now almost  every PR agency claims that they are up to speed and able to deliver digital PR and social media.  And clients are demanding these skills.

So what should a Digital PR agency be able to do?

  1. Map the brand’s social graph and digital footprint
  2. Perform a digital and social media audit
  3. Listen to the online conversations about the brand and the industry of a client
  4. Analyze that content and extract the actionable insights from that data
  5. Develop a comprehensive integrated PR strategy with a robust digital/social media component
  6. Do a content audit to discover what assets can be digitized and used online
  7. Write compelling online content that sparks conversations about the brand – for websites, blogs and newsrooms
  8. Create original images and infographics
  9. Produce interesting, relevant video that gets found and shared
  10. Know how to syndicate and distribute this content for best results
  11. Understand the PR tools to use to accomplish these goals
  12. Make good relationships with online media as well as traditional
  13. Know what online media want in the way of content
  14. Build relationships with influential bloggers for their verticals – and know how to find them
  15. Be able to measure results and report ROI

Over the next two weeks I’ll be expanding on each of these points in a series of blog posts.

If you’d like to discuss  your digital PR agency skills or your own PR and social media plans, email me to set up a free 30-minute consultation.

sally at meritusmedia dot com

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