PR Poised to Lead Digital

A recent article in AdAge reports that ” the emergence of skippable, blockable, opt-out-able advertising, not to mention ever-more integrated campaigns, means PR can suddenly demand more than a supporting role—and maybe even take center stage.”

That’s great news for PR. It seems that instead of being bombarded with ads, the public prefers good storytelling accompanied by great visuals – and most PR teams are very skilled at providing this kind of content.

This article cites the example of Coldwell Banker’s campaign about how smart-home technology is influencing residential real estate sales. It’s not just about smart homes,  it’s very smart PR and marketing that leads right into content partnerships with tech companies and addresses the interests and concerns of their house-buying public.

With the PR team in the lead it has the potential to become a conversation instead of a campaign. (See this post.)

There are many other examples of companies using PR to lead the charge and this gives  PR teams and agencies that coveted seat at the table.  No longer are they the afterthought once all the campaign creative has been done, Digital PR is now the spearhead.

To capitalize on this trend, make sure that your PR team has all the digital skills needed to take the lead and deliver excellent results.

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