The Internet has made many things possible.  One of them is access to data. Now that we have access to so much data we can use it to give direction to our communication efforts.  Data driven PR is a whole new breed of public relations.

Millions of people are online, connected and talking to each other. We can tap into relevant conversations and listen for customer intent and sentiment.  They’re sharing information about and experiences with products and brands. It’s vital to monitor these conversations and learn who is talking about you, what they’re saying and what they think of your products and your service.  We can gather data about how people find your content, discover what they’re interested in and track engagement rates.

The ability to gather the right data, analyze it and find important, actionable insights is listed as one of the top three skills required by brands and agencies across the globe.  Data-driven PR gives you the ability to base your actions on solid research and to have real results you can report   That is something the C-suite values.


Before you rush into Digital PR, or start a social media campaign, one of the basic of data driven PR is to map out the social graph around your brand. Take the time to research the landscape and identify the main players.

data driven pr social graph



A social graph can show you:

  • who your audience is
  • where your audience is active online
  • what they talk about on different social platforms
  • who the influential members of the audience are
  • how your customers feel about your products
  • what problems they’re trying to solve
  • what your competition is doing
  • where the gaps and opportunities in the market are
  • any potential threats or brewing crises


Once you are active in online and building communities on social media you need to constantly monitor the conversations so that you can see who is responding to your content.  Monitoring allows you to track sentiment and identify who you should be engaging with.  When you have a dashboard that collects all mentions of your brand, keywords, competitors names, and industry phrases it makes your data driven PR planning so much easier to manage.


data driven PR dashboard


Digital research gives you the data you need.  But having the data alone is not enough. It must be analyzed so that you can find the actionable insights you need to  make intelligent decisions. The dashboard helps with that, but it does take experience and skill to be able to look at several data points and extrapolate the insights.