The Future of Twitter and Digital PR

Since Twitter reported dismal Q4 earnings there has been a lot of talk about the future of Twitter. Aside from the financial implications, let’s take a look at what changes at Twitter might mean for PR:

  1. The largest – and most active – group of verified users on Twitter is journalists and news organizations.  If it were to go away it would remove an important platform for connecting and building relationships with the media.
  2. It is viewed as a real-time news feed by many of its users. They go to Twitter to get the latest on any news item.  It will be on Twitter long before it is on Google or mainstream media.  Brands are amplifying their corporate news and using Twitter to get their own story told. Without Twitter news will get slower and we lose a channel of direct, real-time communication to our audience.  POTUS won’t be the only one to feel that loss.
  3. Research: Twitter lists are one of the best ways to gather information about any group of people. You can tap into their conversations and discover what they’re concerned about, what they like and dislike. Without Twitter we will have to ifnd other ways of gathering this information.
  4. Engagement:  Twitter is the perfect platform for engagement. People want, and expect, a rapid response today. Twitter is the place to do that. If it goes away PR will have to find other channels to keep up the direct response communication. Right now there is nothing exactly like Twitter.

It seems that the future of Twitter is in flux. Make the most of your Twitter strategy while the bird is still around.  And perhaps start thinking about alternatives for down the line, just in case it flies away.


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