Facebook’s New Design Launches This Week

Facebook’s new design layout announced in March started rolling out last week.  This layout is closer to what you would see on a mobile device, with one column of posts on the right and the navigation on the left.



In Facebook’s new design your custom tabs will be on the left navigation, instead of at the top. If you running a contest or doing a lead gen campaign with a tab you might want to promote it with a News Feed ad pinned to the top of the page for the duration of the campaign.


Facebook uses an algorithm to filter the content that gets seen by your fans. Quality of content is the key. You have to figure out what your fans respond to – what gets likes, comments and shares. If they indicate to FB that they like you content, they’ll see more of it.


Now your organic content might be seen by as few as 6% of your fans, boosting posts will help you reach a wider audience and grow your fan base. Facebook has released some excellent new features in their ad platform, like  custom audiences and “look alike” audiences. Learn to use all the features FB has available so you can reach the right people with the right content at the right time.

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