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A new study from Skyword and Researchscape International found that the majority of enterprise marketers have yet to take all of the steps necessary to set their departments up for success.

There is no doubt that we’re seeing a change in how the public responds to brand content.

“This dictates a shift in mindset from pure product marketing and interruption advertising to an editorial focus on building audience. Brands need to gain greater insight into what motivates their audience members, adopt technology and processes to support scale-able publishing and distribution models  and recruit talent more aligned to publishing than traditional marketing roles.”

That sounds remarkably like Digital PR.   And note that the first five goals for content are all PR goals. (see graphic above)  The marketing goals only start at #6 on the list.


  1. Organizational Structure: Re-organizing their teams to eliminate silos and
    streamline communication and collaboration.
  2. Technology: Rolling out new technologies to support this transformation.
  3. Teams and Skill Sets: Recruiting and developing team members with digital skill sets that are aligned with a model for publishing original content in a scale-able way.
  4. Content Marketing: Moving from interruption-marketing strategies to a publishing strategy that is in line with changes in audiences’ information consumption preferences.
  5. Communicating the Brand Story: Growing awareness of a brand’s story internally and externally and expertise from throughout the organization at communicating it.
  6. Taking the Brand Story Global: Executing a multinational approach to
    brand storytelling and publishing.

If these are the six areas companies need to focus on to achieve digital transformation, it’s no wonder that PR is in demand.  Points 4, 5 & 6 are all PR skills.  1, 2 & 3 are all about restructuring and putting the talent and technology in place so that you can do 4, 5 & 6.

The more attention there is on Digital Transformation, the more demand there will be for PR folk who have these skills. This is a huge opportunity for the PR industry and brands that hone their Digital PR skills in-house and find the right team in an agency will have a definite competitive edge.

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