Digital PR Tech Tools

For years I lamented that in order to implement a Digital PR or Social Media strategy you  had to use several tools.  Now there is one management dashboard that does it all – Senidble.

I use a 10 step system to plan Digital PR, content and social media campaigns and plans. The Sendible Dashboard can be used for every step of the process.

Here are the 10 steps

  1. Research/Monitor mentions online
  2. Analyze the data you gather and find insights based on sentiment, information needs to fill content gaps, intent statements, product feedback etc 
  3. Identify influencers – in the media and on other platforms.  Find the ones that are relevant for your brand and your current PR action
  4. Set up your measurement framework and your goals based on what you found in your research as well as feedback from others in the company, so that your actions align with the overall business goals.
  5. Do a content audit – find all the content that already exists – or is available – and could be re purposed. Create content libraries that can be shared by team members
  6. Generate content ideas based on your findings in step 2. Create an editorial calendar
  7. Create the content. Written and visual material that meets the needs of your audiences.
  8. Distribute the content – via owned, earned and paid media. This includes working with influencers to get your content amplified and shared.
  9. Engage your audience and be part of the conversation.  Monitor responses and reply..  Be generous and share other’s content.  Build relationships.
  10. Measure results.  Track all content and actions.  Learn to use analytics – Google analytics as well as the data that social platforms offer.  Create reports that show the value of your work.

Now wouldn’t you like to have just one tool that could help you do all that and make it easy?
If you’d like a demo so you can see how this works, give me call on 888 243 3470Save