New PR Skills

The practice of PR has changed. Get your team familiar with the tools that allow you to effectively  produce  and  distribute excellent PR content.
Blogger Outreach

Working with bloggers is not like pitching the media - it requires a subtle touch. Discover the right bloggers for your brand and engage them with relevant content.
Strategic Planning

Social media and digital PR are so new we tend to jump in and chase the next new thing. Take a step back and plan strategically to get the best results.
Digital PR Training

There are a slew of tools and apps – new ones appear every week. Learn which tools are best for you and your team

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Latest Posts

Images Video Increase Views on Press Releases
Date: 27 Nov 2013
  Every so often we hear that press releases are dead.  Just recently the Google updates about treating press releases as advertisements had PR folk jittery once again.  However, there is ample evidence to show......

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Women Slightly More Active in Social Media than Men
Date: 23 Sep 2013
I am sure this is no big surprise, but two recent studies have found that women are more active in social media than  men.  I can already hear the comments about how women love to chat and share.  But the disparity between......

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Digital PR Tip: Are You Listening?
Date: 18 Sep 2013
That old saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" sounds good in theory. It's not true in life and it certainly doesn't apply to Digital PR. Words posted online have immense power to hurt......

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